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The Makeover

For Mother’s Day this year I got pampered and a complete makeover by my two little guys. 

We were on the road somewhere in The NT and my day in the caravan started with an arm tickle and hair brushing and combing, followed by my teeth getting brushed. Then I was allowed to get dressed and next came the 67 hair clips and ties and then make up. 

They had the best time. I had the best time. I walked around all day with those 67 hair clips in my hair proud as punch showing them off. 

I love that my kids took so much pride and felt so much excitement in making mum look beautiful. I just love it. It’s that warm fuzzy tickle feeling inside that makes you feel just so good.

It was purely 15 minutes in time. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less. It’s really nothing in the scheme of things when you’re an adult, but my kids remember it and still talk about it now. 

Do you ever just have moments in time of your usually crazy busy life and think “woahhh stop! Just stop.”

These moments are priceless. These moments are what being a parent is all about. The sleepless nights, the fights, the not sharing, the messy house and dinner tantrums just disappear when you see the love that comes from your kids. 

Sometimes you wonder if you’ve done a good job when days are just so long and tedious and you want to put your PJs on at 3pm and call it a day but you can’t. 

Then there’s a glimpse of the values and love you’ve instilled into your kids. You see them helping each other, you catch them hugging each other, they want to help you or help you without asking, they tell you they love you a hundred hundred million and cuddle you so tight your head will squeeze off.

Let your heart sing. Give yourself a pat on the back and let those hard days slide away knowing there will be a shining moment soon. Just keep your heart and mind open waiting for it.

Mumma O x

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