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Move More. Sit Less

Simple math isn’t it. Move more to burn more energy.

Our lifestyles aren’t conducive to it really though are they. Life is so busy and we all just think “I can’t. It’s too hard.”

But it’s important. Very important. Just like drinking enough water and trying to eat more healthy foods. We need to move. We used to be cavemen who were avid hunters and gatherers and now we sit at desks, sit on our smartphones and devices and lay back on the couch to watch Netflix. 

We are parents with so many responsibilities and commitments that when we are rushing around we are driving places from soccer practice to dancing, gymnastics and swimming lessons. Again, sitting down in the car or at sports.

Moving more doesn’t have to be exercising at the gym for hours on end. It should be about you. Something you like. Something you’ll persist with. Just even 20-30 minutes is amazing for you and always better than nothing. 

Weight training is awesome. I just love feeling strong. I love seeing people get results and in turn, I love when they come and thank me for feeling so much better in themselves.

The benefits of exercise are listed on google (try it!) There’s so many amazing benefits to your body and both physical and mental health.

Did you know that in some European Countries a personal trainer is prescribed for depression instead of regular medications.

Walking, jogging, swimming, dancing and swimming make a great day, and put a smile  your dial. What are you waiting for? Pick one and make the time count.

Mumma O x

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