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Ninja Juice

Have you heard of Ninja Juice? Well, that’s what my kids call it. Currently it’s my lifeline at 8 months pregnant.

Have you ever felt like you could nod off at any time? Have you ever reached for something sweet at 3pm? Have you ever got home from school pick up and wished you could pop your PJs on and crawl into bed? Have you wanted to ever get motivated to go for a walk but just CBF? (Can’t Be F*cked).

Me too. If it wasn’t for 60ml of this a day I’d of succumbed to winter ailments, fallen in a heap after noon, consumed way more calories than necessary and had the energy of a heavily pregnant woman (.... ahhh wait! That’s explains a lot! Lol).

60ml of this sensationally sweet delicious drink contains more antioxidants than any other food on the planet. 60ml contains the equivalent bio activity of 58 heads of broccoli. On the ORAC scale (Oxygen Radical Absorbant Capacity) the Ningxia Wolfberries are top of the list. Have a google and see what you find.

We simply cannot do without this in our house. If you can afford a coffee you can afford Ningxia Red. The benefits outweigh anything you’d ever drink from the shops.

Don’t believe me? Try it. The only way to know is to give it a go. $244 will get you 3 x 750ml bottles and 30 x 60ml sachets.

Tempted? Here’s your link below. Just select Ningxia Red Premium Starter Kit and give it a go.

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