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Food, Glorious Food

Yummy food. How good is it? A nourishing, well created little morsel made with love is even better.

You deserve to enjoy food. You deserve to treat yourself to some well made yummy food now and then.

I am a Mother of almost 3 and meal times are not my most favourite time of the day. Don't get me wrong, I love eating as a family when we can and sharing delicious food, showing our little ones that it is normal to eat broccoli and cabbage (insert eye roll here!). However, I find myself either gutsing my food down in between feeding the kids or I am the last to eat once everyone has left the table because I have spent the entire meal helping everyone else. Sound familiar?

So, my favourite time to eat is morning or afternoon tea (or when everyone is in bed!). It isn't something huge that needs to get eaten like a meal, it is just a little snack, but is tasty, nourishing and appreciated.

Bliss balls and raw slices make the perfect choice as they usually contain a little natural sugar to get you through the day, loads of good fats to keep your body happy and energetic and usually are made with a delicious flavour combo like choc mint (Mumma O Raw Mint Slice pictured), lemon or Jaffa. That to me is a perfect snack.

Now excuse me while I go and have my afternoon tea.

Keep smiling,

Mumma O x

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