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Stinky Clothes

STINK! Have you watched it? STINK! is a documentary on Netflix about a Father of two young girls who lost his wife to breast cancer. He heads off on a mission to find our why the girls' Christmas pyjamas stink like some sort of chemical concoction.

It was recommended to me by a friend to watch and I was blown away at the information presented. I could not believe that such a large percentage of ingredients found in our washing powders, perfumes, hair care, make up and cleaning products haven't even been tested to their full potential yet and should not in fact in my opinion even be legal.

No wonder cancer and so many other 'common' conditions and diseases are rapidly on the increase.

This lead me to research a little further about the ancestry of females in the family. If you are pregnant like I currently am, have you ever stopped to think that inside you is not just your baby, but their entire reproductive system?

The choices we all make, especially as a younger woman, mum, mum to be all impact not just you, but your baby (or future baby) and your baby's baby (if that's not too much to digest!).

If say I was to load my body inside and out each day with toxins, what kind of chance do you think my child will have of reproducing in the future? Fertility issues are becoming so common now. I am not saying this is a cause, but it is definitely food for thought. And their children's children? Think about it. It is a big bell ringer for me. I hope it makes sense to you too.

I recall even years and years ago when I had dogs with sensitive skin and they would lick their paws constantly. Thinking about it now, I was using toxic floor cleaner and bleach on my floors and the poor animals were walking around on those floors all day. It never even crossed my mind.

Have you used spray and wipe on the bench tops before and after your kids eat? They are ingesting that. Have you ever stood in the shower to clean it after you've sprayed it with bleach, harsh chemical sprays, gel liquids, specialty shower sprays etc? Your feet absorb everything! Perhaps you have used spray air fresheners in the toilet? You are inhaling it, plus it is landing on your skin (our largest organ).

Now, before you become overwhelmed (trust me, it can happen easily!), just think about ONE, just one thing you would like to change and action it. I have hosted workshops before and women have left almost crying saying they have so much to do to make their homes healthier. There is no need, just work on baby steps. One small step at a time.

The first change I made was my cleaning agents. They had to go. I was sick of inhaling chemicals in the shower as I cleaned it as they made me gag and gave me a headache. I was sick of the residue they left behind and I also detested throwing out more plastic spray bottles contributing to our plastic and garbage crisis.