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Be a Wellness Warrior in Spring

Let’s talk about keeping well and staying above the wellness line. “What does your family do?” Has been the most asked question in the past 4 weeks here. So, I will share with you a few tips and tricks to stay well and more tips and tricks to decrease severity of symptoms if possible.

If you have a few minutes, make a mental note of the list below. Sleep! Get adequate rest! It’s super important.

Diet. Is it as good as you think it is? No need to go crazy but make sure you get more good stuff in and eat less processed stuff and refined sugars. It’s not rocket science.

Chemicals! Get rid of them. From air fresheners to room sprays, body sprays and everything in between. Supermarket products are loaded with chemicals (often masked as ‘fragrance’) and can interfere with your hormones and immune system in a massive way.

Move each day. Super important for the whole family. Even a walk down the beach, good play at the playground, a swim, bike ride or running races with the kids. 

Not wine, but the other red drink daily. Ningxia Red. Loaded with antioxidants and all the good stuff our body just loves! Just 60mls has equivalent bioactivity as 59 heads of broccoli. We have 30ml shots here daily.

Thieves in the diffuser and on the soles of everyone’s feet if there’s loads of sickness around at school and work. 

If anyone is beginning to cough RC goes into the diffuser ASAP and made into a roller for the chest diluted with coconut oil. For the kids I use either RC or a blend of cypress and lavender in a roller or the new Kidscents Refresh blend in the diffuser (so many options!).

Honey is an old wives tale but we swear by it here. Great for coughs (along with pineapple juice). I once knew an old gent who swore by a tablespoon of honey daily and he never got sick. Young Living Lemon Essential Oil in warm water with honey is another awesome winter/spring drink to stay well or help fight those bugs. Hope this helps gang! Stay well. If you need any of the above mentioned oils or Ningxia, please contact me or click on the link below: 

Have a great day and keep smiling,

Mumma O x

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