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Half Lap Home is on the road

Here we are! 2 a half weeks into travelling Australia’s great North. We really have such an amazing country to be proud of thankful for. So far Coral Bay has been a fave spot and Pt Samson was pretty cool too (minus the 169,645 sand flies bites).

The kids have loved being outdoors and playing with nature, finding feathers, rocks, shells and sticks. I love it. I remember growing up and camping and doing just the same. You had to entertain yourself and make your own fun, there was no other way.

The other thing I love is the personal challenge of living with minimal stuff for 3 months. The kids have a bag of toys, colouring and LEGO and that’s it. 5 pairs of jocks, shirts and shorts and one long pants and one long sleeve shirt and jumper. I have a pair or bike pants, 2 shorts, a pair of leggings and 5 singlets and a few t shirts, socks and jocks and that’s it. Haven’t missed anything else I had and it’s only 2 weeks in. 

One thing that I’m really proud of is the lack of chemicals I’ve got in the caravan. I was just saying to my husband last night that anything in an aerosol can makes me feel sick (Spray Deodorant, Fly Spray etc), as the smell is just way too much for me now (thumbs down to ‘fragrances’!!!!).

If you haven’t watched STINK! Or ‘The C Word’ on Netflix .... I suggest you watch them. Opened my eyes to making better choices form my family and to help educate them all.

So far we’ve used our Young Living oils for (bare with me, there’s a lot!).....