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Sneaking in the good stuff. 21 day challenge

I’ve always said to my clients when we discuss food that if you eat loads of the good stuff you won’t have an empty cavity and loads of sugar cravings to support the not so good stuff.

Now before you stop reading and think “this is just another clean eater giving me a lecture”....... WRONG!

I love food. I love nuts and seeds and coconut water and salads and fresh fruit and all kinds of yummy meats and drink loads of water. 

BUT.... I also love chocolate and chips and cheese and having a drink or two.

The minute I tell myself  I can’t have something then I think about eating it all the time. I’ve switched my thinking to not what I can’t have, but what I can and should have. What makes me feel good inside and out when I eat it. I love thinking about the kind of food that nourishes your soul, increases your energy and sustains you for the long haul. The food that doesn’t make you sluggish, bloated or left in a food coma. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, the foods that leave you sluggish or bloated are here and they’re here to stay. Unfortunately they’re everywhere. We just need to train our brains that eating the good stuff is what our bodies really crave. Sounds hard huh.

So, if this is all sounding rubbish to you, I’d like to to try this for 3 weeks. 21 days. 504 hours.

Each day I’d like you to include the following in your daily food intake (I did say INCLUDE this is not only what you eat. You eat your normal daily things). This list is priority. If you can’t fit in your usual cake or muffin or hot chips on the way home form work then great!

•2 litres of water

•2 cups of spinach (fresh in a salad or smoothie)

•2 carrots

•2 full sticks of celery or 1/2 cucumber or equivalent 

•1/2 cup hommus/tzaziki dip or equivalent for your veggies

•1 banana 

•15 almonds

Now this is just a rough guide above, but I can guarantee you that your digestive system will love you for it. Your sleep cycle will love you for it. Your mind will love you for it.

Still continue to eat the foods you might usually eat, but this list is priority. Just for 21 days.

Let’s change your mindset and body!

Good luck,

Mumma O x

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