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You are what you eat. Think you can you will. Think you can’t you won’t.

Have you heard those sayings?

You are what you eat.

If you think you can you will.

If you think you can’t you won’t.

It’s all true. Mindset is everything.

I just said to my Body Combat class this morning, our last class on December 31st to finish off 2018.... “believe and be anything you can be and want to be. Believe  you can’t and you won’t. Lets start 2019 believing we can be strong and we will be.”

So true. Don’t be a victim to your life or even worse, somebody else’s. 

When I was 10, I had just moved to Australia from New Zealand and had been here for a week. Scared and a little anxious, nervous about making new friends, my parents never told me once to be scared or how hard it was or how frightened I should be about it all. 

A friend of a friend of an associate of my Dad’s mentioned his daughter (Lucinda! I’ll never forget this day!) was having her birthday party and I could go if I wanted. So, off I went. One month in to a new country and I’m still friends with many of those girls today (Besties for Life Nickers ❤️✌🏼).

At 20 I almost died at 27kg from heart failure from Anorexa Nervosa.

At 30 I was told I’d never have children after quite a few rounds of fertility treatment. 3 months into being 30 I was single and soon to be divorced. That was a tough few years. Lonely, partying and really quite lost. The only constant was my friends and my gym life. Without them I would be nothing today. The gym kept me motivated and my friends kept me sane.

Brooke, Abby, Kelly, Bobbie, Amanda, Mandy, Kelly and Jaz, thank you all for keeping me sane. For checking on me and making sure I was ok. You girls with kids. They lit up my days.

Rewi, Leanne, Scott, Paul and Nat, publicly thanking you all now for being my rock at work and/or during training at 6am every single f*+#ing morning! 

Here I am now. 40 years of age in 21 sleeps.

Happy mostly. Married to a brilliant man who has the most upstanding morals and values ever. Two beautiful children and a partridge in a pear tree. Jokes. No partridge and no more Christmas references. My 3 giant blocks of Toblerone are eaten. Long gone.

I am fit. I am strong. Yeah sure, physically strong .... but mentally strong. Stronger each day in fact. If you want something, you believe it. You seek it and you think about it often. Same same for happiness. Look for it. Seek it. Might just be that awesome feeling you get while you’re feeling sun on your skin. That feeling you get in a hot shower. That relief once the kids are in bed and you give yourself a goddam pat on the back. The fact that you have food on the table? Clean clothes to wear? Family and friends? Food on the table? Cliche, but all totally to be grateful for. When you’re grateful for something it gives you happiness which gives you drive to be happy. 

Don’t let shit get you down. Well, not all the time. Circumstances change. Life changes. Make choices to increase your chances of happiness. Don’t get caught in a sad cycle of loneliness or being totally unproductive. You CAN change that. 

Just like I said in a previous blog post.... you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

Much love, light and happiness and best wishes for 2019 :)

Mumma O xx  

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