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Is there a better feeling than Christmas?

I write this sitting watching Carols In The Domain as I do every Christmas and then in a day or twos time The Lord Mayors Christmas Carols.

I love Christmas. Rephrase that actually. I love the spirit of Christmas. I love the memories associated with Christmas. I have so many memories of Christmas, even presents I received 30 or more years ago. I remember the days with my family. I remember the smell of having a freshly cut Christmas Tree every single year when I was little.... ahh there’s nothing better than the scent of a freshly cut Christmas Tree.

The feeling of the anticipation of Father Christmas’s arrival, the routine stocking hanging on my bedroom door, the cookies and carrots out on the table the night before with a milk (or sometimes a beer), the home made decorations covering our tree, Christmas Carols and reading all the beautiful Christmas Cards Mum and Dad used to get in the mail.

I’m such a sensory person. Music, smells, tastes... they all ring bells for me and create so many special memories.

Christmas for me is not about gifts. It is completely about giving. Giving love, memories, laughter and life and laughter to others, especially our children.

I get so sentimental this time of year and find myself tearing up at the smallest thing. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s a combination of those feelings of happiness and watching other families come together in unity on TV at such events as the Carols.

I used to go to church every single Christmas with my Mum and those Christmas Carols are just beautiful. They choke me up every time. To think they’ve been around forever is amazing, let alone the fact that everyone knows them, they bring people together and unite strangers and friends alike.

I try not to stress about Christmas as it’s really just about the kids now. I don’t go crazy with food or presents even. What I do do is keep the magic alive. To keep the spirit of Christmas alive for my kids is a pretty special feeling. It makes me all giddy inside. I love seeing the excitement on their little faces. I love the questions that follow from their inquisitive little minds. I love that they believe in the magic of Christmas.

I’ve been reading loads of posts about parents not believing in Santa or bringing the idea of Father Christmas into their homes because they don’t believe in living a lie. Fair call. But... magic? Why wouldn’t you believe in magic? At a month off 40 years of age I still really want to believe in magic. I personally think the happiness felt by people being together is pretty magical on it’s own so why wouldn’t you lap that beautiful warm fuzzy feeling up and let your kids enjoy it too.

The spirit of Christmas is alive in our house that’s for sure. I love that it brings us all together and reconnects everyone. We talk about being ‘naughty or nice’ and what that means. We talk about being kind and patient, being considerate of others and learning to be a better listener. That is all a big part of the spirit of Christmas. 

Our Children get one present every year from us and then a few bits and bobs from Santa in their stockings on their doors handles. Nothing costs silly amounts of money. The excitement and anticipation is a feeling you can’t even buy. I wish you could bottle those feelings. They’d sell for a million bucks!

So, Merry Christmas all. Sending you all much Christmas magic and cheer. Remember, the best ‘presents’ you can give your kids is your ‘presence’ ;-)

Mumma O x

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