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Christmas is coming!

Holy moly how is it the 8th of December already?! Honestly, how did this happen?

If you’re anything like me you can feel

Quite overwhelmed at this time of year. Did you know you can choose to be overwhelmed or not?

Since having kids Christmas has got a whole lost busier but has a whole lot more meaning.... so that’s ok you have your ring hanging out? No! No it’s not!

Take a step back and breathe.

Since also having kids (especially after number 2) I decided I was going to chill a bit more, stress less and prioritise what I thought was important and not what everyone else wanted me to do (or what I thought society wanted me to do!).

Here’s a few top tips to survive these next 2 and a bit weeks:

Start cooking/baking now. Did you know most Christmas cookie and gingerbread style cookies actually freeze awesomely! Even the paleo ones. Home made bread rolls are another goodie, as are some cupcakes believe it or not!

Get yourself a diffuser. And Stress Away. And maybe some Christmas Spirit. And oh Valor too. Turn it on and bask in the bliss. These all smell amazing. If you don’t have a diffuser just cover yourself in the above oils.

Look after yourself! Drink more water, eat more greens, still get some decent sleep and get moving. Don’t use “it is Christmas” as it’s a cop out. It’s way harder to get moving again a month down the track.

Say NO! Pull back and realise you don’t have to say yes to everyone and everything. This time of year gets busy with functions and gatherings. It’s ok to leave early. It’s ok to not do a mammoth contribution of food. It’s ok to buy something instead of baking just once. 

Do something for yourself if you are run off your feet. Grab a 30 minute massage  or a pedicure. Stretch or meditate at night. Take a bath (with a drop or two of lavender and magnesium salts of course). Sit by the ocean and enjoy the serenity. 

Be thankful. It’s really easy to run around and not be mindful of who you are doing this all for. Have a look at your husband or wife and remember why you love them. Christmas is such a wonderful time to those near and dear.  Remember your parents and be thankful you are here. Look at your children and really embrace what children have to offer. They are playful, innocent, loving and completely natural. What you see is what you get. I love that.

Lastly, grab that diffuser. No I am serious!! My diffuser is really my saving grace most of the time as it adds just something special to the room nothing else can give me. Apart from the beautiful smells, I benefit emotionally and physically immensely from what Young Loving’s beautiful seed to seal Essential Oils have to offer.

Merry Christmas and much love,

Mumma O x

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