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Are your Essential Oils safe for consumption?

Young Living Culinary Approved Essential Oils

Did you know that maybe not all Essential Oils are safe for human consumption?

I thought they were. I was told that mine were.

It wasn't until I went to my very first Young Living Essential Oil Class that I found out that the oils I was using weren't.

Young Living smelt different for starters. Then I found out that they had 35 Culinary Essential Oils compliant with Australian and New Zealand Food Standards (FSANZ). So I decided to make a few phone calls....

I called FSANZ and was given a link and a list of FSANZ compliant oils. Young Living was there. The others were not.

So, off I went to research some more and discovered that many Essential Oil companies purchase their oils from a broker. There is no guarantee that oil hasn't been diluted or has solvents used in the distillation process.... Yah! I know right?!

So without taking too much time because I could discuss my findings for hours, basically to summarise my light bulb moment I will say this...

Oils ain't oils!

Please do your research. There is loads of information out there.

I am thankful I discovered Young Living and their strict Seed to Seal standards.

P.S. Spearmint in a smoothie with almond milk, cacao, a few dates and maple syrup rocks!

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