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The Cool Cats

Do you want to know what all the Cool Cats are doing?

Of course you do. Now, before I tell you, I will let you in on a little secret that is changing lives, households and saving people time, sickness and money all over the world!

The secret is Essential Oils.

The Cool Cats?? Well, they are using Young Living brand only.

Why? Because there are no petrochemicals, fillers, solvents or anything nasty added. Guaranteed.

"But my friend uses all natural therapeutic grade oils too and I get them off her" you say?

I can almost guarantee you that 100% of that product you are spending your good, hard earned money on is not in fact organic or pure as stated. I can also probably guarantee you that it has been distilled using solvents (a harsh means of extraction to get more oil and in turn, mixing the oils with solvents to make it go further). At a guess I could also tell you that the 'other' oils you are using do not have a strict SEED TO SEAL policy, nor are they extracted from a plant that has been nurtured right from the beginning as a seed (no clone plants here!) which in turn makes them more effective and increases their 'frequency'..... Funny that I can tell you that without even knowing where you are sourcing your oils from.

I can tell you that I changed from using various brands of Essential Oils over the years to Young Living because of so many reasons. I get asked the 'why's' all the time, so thought I would pencil it down for you all. Oh, and apologies for the long list! It is all what helped me made the decision to purchase Young Living's products.

Firstly, I went to an Oils 'party' at a friend's place and thought to myself "I use oils, I have my own stash... I will just come along and catch up with friends and eat food and drink some wine." I thought I was happy with what I was using. I was early there so smelt the Lavender oil and was blown away. It did NOT smell a thing like mine! It smelt so botanical, like someone had crushed up a pile of lavender in their hands and I was inhaling it. It was beautiful. That lead me on a path of curiosity and thought to myself well.. "oils ain't oils are they?!"

Young Living has a strict SEED TO SEAL policy. What you see is what you get. If you are purchasing a beautiful 15ml bottle of lavender, then that is exactly what you get. 15ml of beyond organic lavender essential oil, grown from a seed and nurtured to its full potential before the distilling process (without chemicals or solvents) begins. Pest control is done by using essential oils and weeding is all done by hand.

Young Living has been around for 26 years. It was founded in 1993 by D. Gary Young. Young Living owns and operates over 70% of their farms. The remaining farms are partner farms that abide by Young Living's strict policies and procedures. You can book to visit most of their farms too which is amazing. Did you know that many large essential oil companies operate from Co-Op farms or purchase the bulk of their oils from brokers? Yeah I had no idea either until I asked questions and did my research. I found that it was pretty easy to get my answers for Young Living as it is a completely transparent company. If you need an answer it is there. if it isn't, someone can find it for you. There are no grey areas that left me with loads of unanswered questions like many of the companies of the previous oils I was using.

Young Living now has over 800 products worldwide. That is HUGE!! From essential oils of course right through to laundry liquids, make up, cleaning products supplements, baby products, pet products and more! I hardly ever go down the laundry/make up/body care aisles of the supermarket these days. Thank goodness, as the products that line the shelves are filled with toxic 'fragrance' and chemicals that interfere with your hormones and entire immune and endocrine systems.

Young Living now also has 36 culinary oils, compliant with FSANZ (Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand). What does that mean? You can use them in baking, cooking, in your tea, water and raw bliss balls. How awesome is that?! Currently I use Lauris Nobilis (Bay Leaf) oil and Rosemary oil in my casseroles and lamb shanks, Lemon in my throat drops, Peppermint in my choc mint balls, Tangerine in my Jaffa caramel slice, Geranium in my Turkish delight chocolates, Oregano in my bolognese, Cinnamon Bark an